Mark's Mission:
To breathe life and excellence into the spirits of all who listen.

Light the fire under you!

Excellence Awakened was birthed out of the idea that each of us has something remarkable inside waiting to burst out. Mark Hartley has committed his life to encouraging and affirming individuals to break from the norm and go for greatness in their lives. “To whom much has been given, much is required.” We have all been given much, now it’ s time to believe this ageless truth and create greatness in our world . . . and in the world! Awaken the excellence inside you and your organization today!

Mark Hartley has inspired audiences for the last decade with his personal stories, humorous anecdotes, and strong message of hope. His highly acclaimed book series If I Knew Then What I Know Now . . . is being used by several universities and colleges in leadership courses and orientation programs. Mark understands today’s generation and the challenges facing them.

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“Not only must we be good, but we must be good for something.”

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